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Quick like Stranded


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I started my Rhinebeck sweater the other day.  I have no idea how long it’s going to take, since I have never knit a fully colorwork sweater before, let alone on 2s, but it is going faster than expected.  Fair isle is fast, dude.

YarnHarlot had a post about this a while ago that (conclusively? Sure) proved fair isle is faster than stockinette.  I’ve definitely found this to be the case–the dragon yoke went much faster than the same number of body stitches on my last sweater.  For me, it’s because I get absorbed into the pattern.  Stockinette is really easy to stop and start, to zone out and ignore.  Fair isle is addictive.  Very seriously addictive.  So maybe it’ll actually be done in time for Rhinebeck!

So basically, I can’t put down this sweater. 


And it’s not even blue!


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