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Impatient for DRAGONS!


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I’ve been kind of insufferable regarding this sweater–ever since I finished the stranded yoke, I’d occasionally hold it up and shout DRAGONS!  And Jesse would nod seriously and reply, yes, dragons.


It’s actually a version of Paper Dolls–I made a different one last year, and loved it so much I immediately decided to make another.   The pattern is taken from a hat appropriately named Dragon Hat.

ImageBecause the pattern is wider, I couldn’t decrease in quite the same way as the pattern suggested, but it turned out well enough!  Suitably dragony.


The base yarn is March Hare Sock, the gold is Sundara Sport (actually the same I used in my last Paper Dolls), and the red is Sundara Sock (leftover from a pair of socks).  All of them were wonderful to work with.  

Dragons!  Dragons.  Dragons!




  1. itwasjudith says:

    it looks great, i love it, both the dragons and the colours!

  2. teamtrimble says:

    Angel it is GORGEOUS!! And SO ARE YOU!!! I couldn’t be more impressed. You talent with the knitting is awesome but look at those skinny minny arms and cute little butt! Also, stunning skin. Much loves for you, Darling.


  3. dclulu says:

    Love it! Looks great on you.

  4. Anna says:

    You (and this sweater) look fabulous!

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