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I may have a blue sweater problem


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I just finished a blue Paper Dolls (currently blocking, but I am VERY excited to show it off soon!) and cast on an ice blue Chione that’s going like gangbusters (amazing how fast knitting on 4s feels after knitting on 2s).  And somewhere in this pile of blue sweaters, I forgot that I still hadn’t taken photos of my Bloomsbury, that I finished in June.

Luckily, English weather to the rescue.

photo (1)

And thank you Stonehenge for an awesome background.

I changed some things around on this, mostly by centering the sleeve pattern and making it the side lace from the front, since the slanted-forward sleeve lace in the pattern probably wouldn’t be super flattering on my figure.

photoThe yarn is Miss Babs Yowza in Half Past Midnight, from Rhinebeck two years ago.  Normally I would think yarn this busy wouldn’t work with lace, but I actually really like how the lace pattern makes the yarn look and vice versa.

photo (2)


My photographer/husband had just done or said something upsetting.  Who knows.



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