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The Long Game


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I’ve been radio silent for a little while, and with (pretty) good reason.  I’ve been working on a couple long-term projects that just aren’t that interesting yet (but hopefully will be before too long!)

–I’m almost out of the stockinette doldrums of a second Paper Dolls remix, and once I get started on the stranded yoke, that thing’ll fly by. 

–I’ve been weighing what to make for a Rhinebeck sweater, and my indecision means that there’s been a lot more prep this year than usual.  I may have come to a decision (though I need to swatch to make sure), but otherwise need to get going if my rather ambitious plan is going to come to fruition.

–It sounds incredibly dorky to say, but I’ve also been spending a lot of time working on…well…me.  I’ve been fighting with my bum ankles off and on since 2010, and I’m just at the end of my rope.  My husband asked–rather understandably–why I wanted to keep running even though the sport has not been super kind to me.  And he’s right.  I could bike or do spin; I could box or Zumba or circuit train.  None of that is particularly hard on my ankles, and all has the same cardio benefit (really, probably more considering how much I can run right now).  But I don’t want to quit.  I love how running feels, sans ankle pain.  I love how portable and low maintenance it is.  I trained myself to love it, and now I’m stuck loving it even though it doesn’t love me back.

So, I’m going through what’s probably a last ditch effort to be able to run distances.  I’m doing a lot more strength work, I’m basically glued to my foam roller, I stretch like crazy, I ice, and I’m meeting with a physical therapist to develop a plan.  And it might not work (though Runner’s World tweeted this article today, that gave me hope).  But I have to try.

On a lighter note, my poor sore feet got one thing to make them feel better:  a new Cookie A pattern in MadTosh!


The socks are Tiberius (named after Captain Kirk), and the colorway is Filigree.  I’d been waiting for the perfect pattern to show off the yarn for a while, and Tiberius was exactly what I wanted.  The socks were a crazy fast knit too, even with a couple dumb mistakes on my part that required ripping back.  So my feet have something nice to comfort them after pounding the pavement!


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