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A long time coming


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I’m a little late in posting this–things have been pretty crazy lately, but the storm has passed, and now I’m just enjoying life being back to normal.  Going to the gym and running again–we’re preparing (i.e. I’m preparing, he’s pretty much set) to run another half marathon around our second wedding anniversary next year.  Feels great to be running again, especially now that the weather’s nice.  

But anyway: finally!  Anais is done!  And deciding to rip it back definitely paid off.


It was done just in time for our weekend jaunt to the fjords, so I got to test out firsthand how accurate the colorway name is.  For the record, very accurate.  It was perfect weather for a light sweater, and a pretty perfect trip (though mundane expenses in Norway are high.  I’m glad we were only there for a weekend; I don’t think we could have afforded much longer!)

But there were great fjords, seas, mountains, and an adorable town.  And we even found some sheeps on the mountain!


Sheeps sheeps.




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