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Rip rip rip


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While I normally dread ripping out heaps of work, as I’m sure most knitters do, lately it seems like I’ve had nothing but projects that benefited from a lot of ripping out and doing over.  The knitting equivalent of “opportunities to excel.”  Or something.

Example 1: Anais

In my last post, I was uber-concerned that I would run out of yarn before finishing a sweater (on 3s, I might add) that I’d been working on for months.  And as it turned out, I could have finished it just in time for MadMay.  Could have.

Anais has a floppy lace panel on the front of the sweater, which I thought was whimsical and cute.  But what wound up happening was, with my wider neck as a result of running out of yarn, the floppy cowl was kind of half-way in between.  It didn’t really commit fully to the floppiness, there was basically only enough to be annoying. With the wider neck, it just wasn’t working.  I could have finished it, checked the box and moved on, but I never would have worn the sweater, and yarn this pretty deserves better.  

So I ripped out the yoke, re-did the shaping, and started over.  I’m close to done now, and am much happier with how it’s going this time around.  Hopefully there will be pictures this weekend!

Example 2: Bloomsbury


I started working, simultaneously, on another sweater (Bloomsbury) as my palette cleanser for dealing with Anais, and I’ve had to rip out that bad boy twice: once because I needed to change gauge because the fabric was just too loose, and once because I realized I really should have started alternating skeins.  There’s still a little pooling, but the yarn is such that it’s pretty unavoidable.  I am much happier with it now, though.

So I don’t have a lot to show for May, unfortunately.  But I do have socks!

Example 3: Haleakala


Years ago, I made my very first shawl, out of MadTosh Sock in Cedar.  And…it didn’t go so well.  The color pooled, one side was noticeably longer than the other, it wasn’t my finest effort.  Realizing that I still loved the yarn, I ripped out the whole thing, and just finished a pair of completely awesome Cookie A socks that knit up ridiculously fast.  Much, much better, than a pooled, wonky shawl.

So maybe I should be more aggressive with ripping out projects/finished objects I don’t wear very often.  It’s been working out lately.


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  1. jengolightly says:

    I realised a while ago that I probably want to rip and remake everything I knit after a couple of years anyway….if you like the yarn and your technique is much improved due to experience etc. I found that thought a bit unsettling lol!

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