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Angels in the Architecture


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The last project I finished to bring along on the honeymoon was definitely the most time-consuming: a stranded pullover knit on 1s.  It was completely worth all the effort, though.

It’s Paper Dolls, with a few modifications, obviously.  But before we get into that, eeeee I’m so happy with how it turned out!   It really is  a fantastic, basic sweater pattern, and easy to tweak and change to your own style.  Initially, I was a little grumpy with myself for combining two patterns that I paid for separately into one project, but I already have pretty set plans for a second PD, so I think it’ll all work out.  (The stranded pattern is lifted from the Brocade Socks.  I thought it would give the pullover a sort of architectural look, and while that didn’t really happen, I love it all the same.)

I only worked on it off and on, which helped keep the stockinette section from getting too old  (it did go on forever, though).  The few modifications I made, in addition to the obvious, were mainly in reducing the amount of contrast color: shortening the bi-color ribbing to an inch and a half, and removing the two thin stranded patterns surrounding the main pattern.  The latter was also for aesthetic reasons, but I was really paranoid about running out of yarn.  I used Sundara’s October 2011 colorways, Portobello and Porcini Mushroom (how perfect for Italy, right?), so I very much could not run out and buy more if the need arose.  I now, of course, have half a ball left, but that’s life.  It will probably appear in the second PD.


Yep, absolutely knitting another one of these.


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  1. […] actually a version of Paper Dolls–I made a different one last year, and loved it so much I immediately decided to make another.   The pattern is taken from a hat […]

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