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Christmas Presents: A Set That’s Not a Set


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I’m not a fan of incredibly matchy-matchy accessories sets.  I like things that work together, but each have their own point of  view.   Which is why this set for my aunt is barely a set at all.

The hat is Frostbite by Glenna, in some Rowan Cocoon I had leftover from a sweater.  The yarn is delightful to work with, but I don’t think I’ll be using it much more (I seem to be sensitive to mohair).  I actually really like the way her set is designed–the mittens are different enough from the hat that you don’t get the “matchy matchy” effect.  In any case, I love how this hat turned out.  I had to rip 14 rows of the colorwork because of a dumb mistake on row 2, and still finished it in 36 hours.  While working on the cowl too.   Please note: I  voluntarily decided  to change the color for the crown of the hat, and the fact that I very much ran out of yarn had nothing to do with it.  Luckily, the color change happens at the top of the head, so it actually looks pretty decent.  I felt weird posting pictures online of my wearing someone else’s hat, but trust me on that.

The cowl is the Tuesday Night Cowl, a free pattern (score) knit in some Paton’s Classic Merino I had lying around.  I was a little surprised by how much I enjoy the finished product–cabling 16 without a cable needle was not the most fun I’ve ever had, but I like it so much I’m seriously considering making one for myself.  It was also the first time I used Kitchener stitch without any kind of guide, which felt pretty awesome.

Pretty much all my gifts are done–my mom’s second present is in the bind-off process right now–which means I can go back to selfish knitting and generally not worrying about deadlines.  I realize that sounds silly when I’m almost done with presents, and December isn’t half over, but I’m mailing  almost all the family presents, and that complicates my timelines a bit.  And speaking of, I should probably get to the post office!


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